The end of a time... 
print Magnus Hörberg, Mon 7. Mar 11 21:36

02112010311.jpgWell, a lot has happened since I last wrote something here...
Love has happened!

In love
Love for life
Living for love
Loving to live
Loving to be loved
Love - left, right and centre in other words.

Not that this is any different from what my life has offered before.
I just see it in a different way. start from the end.
I just got back from an expedition. My end of study year expedition.
4 days hiking over Ben Nevis - Mt Ellis, throught to Hunters Hut, Porters Hut and via Red Hill Hut to St Arnaud. EPIC is the right word.

That was my part of the expedition, due to my back has been playing up and I wanna be fit for work later next week. The rest of the crew continued with 2 days solid of MBT riding vie the Rainbow Rd to the Acheron Bridge. Where the rafting was supposed to stard. But after epic hiking and 117 km biking, the energy was too low and the rain turned into snow, with temperatures to follow. So the last leg of the expedition was canceled. Good call!

With this in mission mind...
The 3 weeks previous to the expedition, I was enjoying 15 days of rock climbing in Golden Bay.
EPIC! But in another dimention.
The climbing guru, Chris Warburton, kept his hawk´s eye on us instructing clients climbing.
Climbing Guru - Great!
Climbing - Great!
Deep water river-side bouldering, with a side-order of rafting - Check!
Golden Bay - Great!
Life - Great!!!!

...and the Two weeks previous to this...
I was on a training trip with ACTIVE NZ, for my guiding job.Again EPIC.
These guys have the ability to surprice and impress. My energy and gratitude goes out to all our training instructors and ACTIVE NZ staff and a great big, Thank You, for an amaxing experience.
Great friends - CheckMind-blowing places - Check
WOW-moments - Check
Great hiking - Check
Helicoper ride - Check
Great kayaking - Check
Great biking - Check
Flooding - Check
Amazing food - Check
Music - Check
Great company - Check
Great Life - Check!!!!

...and the two weeks prior to that..IMG_3620.jpg
Life - Great
Love - Great
My haven - Great

...and the time priot to that...
Kaikoura - Great
Christchurch - Earthquake
Snow - Great
...again, Life - Great!!!

The two best words I know - To you all
Peace & Love