Things tent to happen in three 
print Magnus Hörberg, Mon 7. Mar 11 21:24

Things tent to happen in three.. and people tend to happen to you when you least expect it! Most of it in a good way! So when you run into someone you haven't seen in a while, in a place you least expect. It makes MY day at least!
I'm still chlling in the mountains and got one day left to work here at Porters, before I head back up to Nelson and summer again. The weather seems to be not so good for the start of next week so I might just head straight back up after finishing my hours. Otherwise I was thinking of taking a few days off here and enjoy some boarding. But I'll see what happens.
Yesterday I finished up at work a bit early and headed down. There was some bad weather and we all got a few more hours of day light yesterday. That was nice.
I messed around with my van for a while. Tidying it after living in it for a few weeks now and then headed off to Flock Hill to hang with my mates from course. On the way I stopped at Castle Hill and walked around the boulders for a good hour.. enjoying the sunset and the amazing energy of this magical boulder-mecka.

After arriving ro Flock Hill I ran into an old friend, in the place I least expected to. It is great to see old friends again! Kinda one of the beauties of life I'd say!
So thanks Jess for showing up and surpricing!

To day is a slow day at Porters and I might just go and finish off those skiis I started fixing up this morning!

Peace and Out