Day 10 
print Magnus Hörberg, Mon 7. Mar 11 21:24

Day 10!

Industry practice, I have to do 100 h working for a company in the outdoor industry for my course an I am at the moment enjoying the snow at Porter Heights ski field. This is called studying, and I am loving it!  Spending my days fixing up snowboards and skis and hanging with ski patrol, or just generally riding up and down the mountain to check all is under control. Not a bad way to spend my days I gotta say!

Anyone jealous??

So I’ve got another 3 days of work to do before I’m done with my hours. There is a slight chance I might stay down here for another few days and get some more boarding done before I head up to Nelson and the summer again. Cause it seems like the summer has arrived there again.

It’s been great to get some winter and time in the snow for me. It feels more like a whole and proper year if I do. I like the seasons and the changes and all it brings, and I am getting a fair bit of it this year.

The last few weeks has been rather intense and I have been busy sorting out job for the summer as well, and as it look right now I’ve gota chance to work with Active NZ for the summer. They seem like a solid company and I am going on a training trip with them in a month. I am very much looking forward to that!

But for now with the new love fallen from the sky, a few more days here in the hills is pretty likely.

…snow storm today and all is wet and cold..

Might be time to pull the pin for today!

We’ll see how se survive this one!