Back in Flock Hill again and have had another day up at Porters 
print Magnus Hörberg, Mon 7. Mar 11 21:24

Back in Flock Hill again and have had another day up at Porters and some good times snowboarding!

The last three weeks with trying to save our programme, has taken its toll on me but I am feeling very relieved and good today. Tired and drained, but much more peaceful.46204_141063395933653_108376265869033_190659_6231105_n.jpg
Yesterday was the peek of the AVT-action. We had a demonstration in front of the NMIT library just as the council members walked in. There were kayaks and rafts and people lined up so they had to walk through the gateway with paddles over their heads. People were all dressed up in outdoor gear and the music was pumping. Just as they tried to slip through the line of people, we managed to get them to stop for a few minutes and we had a go on the mic to express our views. They listened and even said a few words themselves.

After this we followed them up to the meeting room and sat in on the first half. We apparently made an impression on them and all the hard work over the last few weeks has paid off. In the afternoon we got the word! The word was that they give AVT another year to find a better form to make better revenue. THIS, to me, sounds like the bureaucratic way to escape saying the truth. They need to keep this course in Nelson, and they know it!

It’s as easy as that!

I’m overwhelmed and very grateful to all who has helped in the actions and an glad to have been apart of it!

So yesterday when we had gotten the good news we went for a beer at Sprig n Fern in Nelson. One after another walked in and there were hugs and cheers left, right and centre. Great times! I was sitting there a bit in the edge, because I didn’t really want to leave. But I had about 6 hours drive in front of me and eventually said ‘bye to all.

Arriving in Flock Hill just after midnight and having only a few hours sleep (but what a sleep!) in my van before I had to pack up for a day up the hill. Great day up the hill and now I’m looking forward to that sleep again.

Guess there might be a little bit of political activist blood in my veins after all.. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Peace Love and Understading!