Save AVT mission 
print Magnus Hörberg, Mon 7. Mar 11 21:25

Back in Nelson for the weekend. Got in two days ago and sticking around until Tuesday evening when I head down towards Christchurch and Arthir's Pass again.IMG_3042.jpg
I was hoping to not have to do this mission back up to Nelson at this stage. But as we have been fighting to save the AVT-course and it's future and beeing involved in the front of the actions, I felt I had to come up for our demonstration we have on Tuesday morning.
To day we had a sign-making session at SANITI office to prepare for the demonstration. Great good sunny day and a lot of fun. Not all that many people joined in today but we got quite a few signs made and I'm looking forward to Tuesday. As I said, I hoped it wasn't gonna come to this, but now its on and we'll fight all we can.

Being back in Nelson is great though. It was a great pleasure to drive back in Friday night. Out of the raign and storm of the east coast. We got hit by some hard winds and rain over the last few days and unfortunantly most of the snow will be gone from the mountains when I get down. But as the weather here is very changing and it looks like new snowfalls mid-week. Hope for it!

Join in and help us in this fight..
We need to save AVT!