print Magnus Hörberg, Thu 17. Mar 11 16:14

Over the last few days there has been a totally different mission in life as well.
NMIT is about to close down the course I¨m doing.
Not that it will affect, I can still finish my course and so can the guys in the year below me. But its gonna affedt the status of the course and the way the industry looks at it and my Diploma, not to mention all the people that will loose their jobs.
This is the best outdoor course in NZ and well recogniced all over the world and it would be a great loss for Nelson as the adventure Mecca it is, to loose the localy trained guides.

We have created a Facebook groupe to help spread the word about the cause. NMIT was gonna can the whole course during our winter holidays without giving people a chance to react. But this will not happen!

RIMG0038.jpgSo right now a lot of my time goes to getting in touch with old and current students from the AVT course as well as industry people and everyone interested in saving one of the best outdoor educations in the countrey.
Got called up bt the Nelson Mail this mornign for an interview and hope to get somemore time with them later in the week.

So now, everyone who reads this, and hasn't already joined the FB group. Please do so!

And please post some comments on the wall as well!

It will help our cause.