Quick changes in life - Oh, how I love them! 
print Magnus Hörberg, Mon 7. Mar 11 21:06

When I left Nelson about over a week ago I didn't really wanna leave. Some people I've been hanging out with and a place I didn't really wanna leave. Though day in life in many ways.But there was a need for change or getting stuck!
And now after a week here in the Arthur's Pass area I'm very glad I did leave. Nelson is a great place to live, but it's good to leave every now and then as well.
We had a wikid time up the mountain the first few days and I definantly had the best days snowboarding I've experienced in NZ. Thanks for that powder!

RIMG0007.jpgA friend came for a visit on Tuesday and got to see the same beautiful power. Poor visability in the morning due to heavy snow fall.. but clearing up in time after lunch and we had a good 3 hours riding fresch lines every time.
Great fun!

On thursday it was time for my first experience with the "invention" rope-tow and nut-cracker. There inventions from the stoneage is still in frequent use here in NZ. These guys have come so far in other areas, but not here. For those of you who have not yet experienced these nut-crackers, keep them well away from you! They are deadly!
The idea is to, with a nut-cracker, grab a hold of a rope speeding away up the mountain and hold on for dear life. "Easy" on skis, NOT so easy on a snowboard.
And the rope runs on "pullys" to be in place up the mountain. These pullys are metal posts and hard. I learned that the hard way! Raming my leg into one of them as I tried to put the rope back on to it. AOUCH!
So no riding for me las Friday. But a few days rest and now its up and run again.

Though bad weather today. Rain and 120km/h winds up the mountain so no fun being up there..
But I'l head to Flock Hill where we're staying anyway to meet up the others.
And hopefully good weather tomorrow.

Dear Universe, Thank you!