Rocking My World 
print Magnus Hörberg, Mon 7. Mar 11 21:25

Today and yeaterday mission has been to get my van ready for a life on the road.. and not just the van's live on the road, but mine to. In a day or two I'll head down to Porter Heights for a coulle of months. And it is only for a couple of months but still it feels like it is for quite some time. It feels ike a big change in life.. almost like a big shift. Don't really know why, but it might be something in the water..

Hmmm, life's funny aint it?!
As I sat here writing and heard fot steps upstairs. Nobody's supposed to be home. I walked up and saw a friendly face, Nadia. That woman has some beautiful energy. She just made my day! Thx darling!

RIMG0078.jpgWell so the van is coming together and I am starting to be happy with the new looks of it. New bed, speakers in the back and the kitchen box is starting to look good too.
I'm happy with the direction its going.

I had some ideas to head down to Porters soon, but as the family here is coming back tomorrow and Nadia is coming back for a visit soon.. I'll stay another few days. Snow and good times is longed for, but family, people and enenrgy is more imoprtant! I need that right now!

As I said there feels to be a bit of a shift in life at the moment. Things I need to understand and things I have understood. Maybe doesn't sound like much to others but there is a ssignificant change in life.

The time I'll spend in the mountains is long wanted and I hope to get to do some decent snowboarding. But mostly this course and year is personal development for me. I feel I have already learned much, and its only halfway through the year. SHIT, halfway through the year. THAT is unbelievable. Time does really fly!

So I'm leaving the security and comforts of home to live in backpackers and in my van for the next wee while. Sounds like an interesting times! Though I have to say I've gotten used to having my own kitchen and my own place to take care off.. maybe even I am getting older and need some structure in my life from time to time!! Haha, laugh all you want guys..

Yeaterday it was also time for the big clean-up. Not of my home.. No I still have that one to do. Off Me..
Feels pretty good actually.. ;-)
Here's the proof :-D
Guess I don't have to point out before and after photo!! (If you do, Pls let me know!!)

Hmmm, deep sigh. That break and coffee did me well.. But now its time to get back to the van and build some more.

Peace all you Lovers and Beautiful people out there in the Universe