Life Happens! All the time! 
print Magnus Hörberg, Mon 7. Mar 11 21:25

IMG_2278.jpgSo about 2 weeks ago I finished my kayaking for the course.. or rather I should have.. But since I am a slack-arse I have a few more things to do with my rolls. But that's all good, I'll do it later in the year when the water is a bit water again.

All in good time!

So I've enjoyed the last 2 weeks with a "study break", that's what its called when your as old as Me and still studying.

The idea was to work as much as possible and get some money for the winter and not put myself in too much more debt. And sure, without too much effort (normally my way of doing it) I landed a few days work.

A bit of gardening, shoveling gravel and cutting down shrubb... and some festival work.

Nelson Scollop and Seafood Festival, a blessing and celebration of the start of the Hoki and Scollop fishing season. All good fun and a bit of hard work.



But I also had time for a roadtrip with a mission to climb. Four days spent in Charleston area with some decent trad-climbing.

An introduction for Jessica and a good refrecher for me. The weather was perfect and the waves wasn't washing us off the rocks too much.


Pancake Breaky and Pancake Rocks was also a flavour on the trip..

Well back in Kaiteriteri now, after a good week and a bit good to feel the calm vibes of my home
and washing that travel dust off. Good to be on the road, but sometimes the calmness and settledness of home is veeery welcome.

I've got about 3 or 4 days now before I have to be packed up and start heading down to Porter Heights in Christchurch area. Its time for winter and snowboarding. Looking forward to it big-time, but some form of seperation anxiety does exist. From place and people!
Guess I'm getting too old for this shit! sometimes... :-) Well I'm put myself up to it, so guess I better do as the Kiwi's usually say, and " harden up mate!"
Haha, I'll harden up! But I'll stay soft in some ways you Kiwi's never will understand... EMOTIONALLY! Live Hard! Love Strong & Die Richer... IMG_22191.jpg

A dear friend ones told me that "Kiwi man has the emotional maturity of a brick!" haha, that is very true for Kiwi woman too.. as well as for some other nationalities!

I think I'll stay emotionally "weak", and actually live and experience all aspects of Life...
        hmmm, Nä jag e inte bitter jag!! ;-)

Life IS beautiful! Its just hard to see it all that clear sometimes!

Peace Love Respect and Good Times to us all!