print Magnus Hörberg, Mon 7. Mar 11 21:25

Sea kayaking assessment done! ...DONE! DONE YOU HEAR! WoooHoooooo :-D
Been an interesting two and a half months with kayaking. First Sea2 with kayaksurfing and missions in Abel Tasman N.P and d'Urville Island. Great times! But Hard!
And then a couple of weeks in the classroom befor we set up a small company to take clients in Abel Tasman N.P again.
I've had a good four days of guiding a few days of observation trips and some SDL (Self Directed Learning) days... and then assessment.
Its been hard and the paperwork is rather big as well. But I pulled it off!
Feels like a come-back after a few injuries and tough times making it difficult!

So assessment was a GOOD day! And I was nackerd when I got home.. even went to bed early.. fell asleep to a film and woke up now at 5.34 am... Guess I needed a bit o sleep! But "uppe med tuppen"

Today is clean-up day and then there is a rumour about a party tonight.. might just have to go and have ONE beer!! ...or maybe two..

I've got 3 weeks winter holiday... what am I gonna do?? Earn some money and get economy back on track.. Yes!

Then good folks, its time for about two months in the snow for me.. Porter Heights watch out and be warned!! :-D


Peace n Love