Midsommar Kayaking & Assessments... 
print Magnus Hörberg, Mon 7. Mar 11 21:25

Tomorrow its assessment time. I get to see if my trip plan that I have worked hard on for the last few weeks will messure up to the expectations, and if I will follow through. :-) Its been an interesting four weeks of kayaking that is coming to an end the next two days and pressure is on ME tomorrow. I'm last one out to get assessed and I donno how I feel about that.. But nothing to do more than, Give 'em Hell!!

So I guess I should be sleeping allready! Gotta get up in 6 hours and get to it.. but life is too much fun to sleep it all away! So I think I'll stay up a bit longer!! :-) (With the famous words; "My Life Is Better Than Your Vacation!", echoing in my head.)

Last weekend I had some company here. A fellow Swede and a great new aquaintance from Germany. Us northern European's are slowly but firmly taking over this part of the world. Guess its different from the old viking ways, a bit more infiltration today.. but I'm confident its gonna work just as good!

62910_112120_0.jpgSoo, anyways. Last weekend it was Midsommar in Sweden. So, it was Midsommar here to then.. and with another Swede in the house it called for some Aquavit. Bring on the Snaps!
A bit of good food, flowers in our hair and a few beers, a fire and the better part of a bottle of Snaps. Good fun and amazing times.

Guess the only thing that was missing was the "små grodorna" dance around that big leaf and flower dressed pole representing a penis, that we enjoy ourselfs around.

But good old times and thanks to great company it was an amazing evening.

Next day it was time for kayaking. The aim was to get out there at 8 am.. it was more like 9.30 am when we rocked up on-sight. Guess that fire was just too amazing to leave and get to bed in time for an early start.. and maybe that bottle of Aquavit could have had something to do with it as well.

IMG_2019.jpgBut we finally got out there at least and it was an amazing day. I've spent many beautiful days in Abel Tasman N.P.. but this was definantly one of the best and finest.

Clear skies and flat calm waters together with playfull seals showing off for us and a nice coffee 62910_114004_1.jpgbreak in Akersten Bay.

So thank you Jessica and Denise for making my day a beautiful and amazing one! Peace & Love to you!

So now I should really go to sleep and get some of that famous "beauty sleep". Not that its gonna help me much.. but my head might at least not be so "mushy" in the morning for my assessment. Toby's gonna have both his eyes on how I perform.
Gonna be great fun! And if I do well I might even deserve a beer tomorrow night!

Peace & Love and some sleep..