Life's beautiful! 
print Magnus Hörberg, Mon 7. Mar 11 21:26

Today was a great day.. Or most days are great days.. so today was marvelous day!
Woke up early to get ready for another day's kayaking.. half an hour befor I was to go I got a txt from my tutor saying its canceled today.. Too rough conditions out there and the clients had backed out. So a jumo and yell of joy, make some toast and tea and get back in bed watchin a movie..

Then it was off to Nelson for what it looked like only a couple of hours.. there couple of hours turned out to be a few hours and was spent wisely.. with about 5 minutes in the library getting some maps for the asignments.. and the rest in good company.
A short visit to get my new flash and very warm sleeping bag at R&R and then off to Sprig n Fern for a beer..
A beer vith a very dear friend later, it was sushi time.. hmmm, spoiling myself today!
This sushi has got to be the firts reall good and tasty restaurant food I have ever had here in New Zealand. It was amazing and hte atmosphere was great.. and the company the best!

So a day off school turmed out to be just what I needed. Its 21.44 now and I'm supposed to go to sleep for a few hour to wake up at 02.00 to watch the World Cup fotball game.. NZ is playing.. The All Whites! Guess I have to pull my weight and participate...
A long day thats gonna be even longer..

Thanks all beautiful people today for making my day!

Peace n Love