Kayak kayak n kayak 
print Magnus Hörberg, Mon 7. Mar 11 21:26

The last two weeks I have seen and known kayaking, kayaking and a bit of kayaking... but don't get me wrong! I love it! Its great big fun. But I have again realiced that sitting in a plastic fun.toy on the water can take a bit out of you as well.
The sun, wind, water, physical exerciese and clients takes its toll!
But yet again I wanna asure you all that I'm not complaining in any was! I LOVE IT!!
So today was a forts day of solo guiding. I thought I had most things pretty well prepared, and I did, but as we all know things can change and especially the weather.. and thats the great big fun challange. So bring it on world.62110_102703_1.jpg
I guess I did do pretty well today even if I felt a bit "tappad bakom en vagn" (exause me non-Swedish speakers!!) at some stages. But with some sood big smiles on the faces of the clients back at base and soem good feedback from them and good constructive feedback from supervising tutor, I felt pretty happy with the day anyway. They were happy with seeing the seals! And Yes, the seals ARE cool... check this little guy out!!

So in a week its assessment trip and,

62210_64632_9.jpgLast weekend I also had the chance to take a couple pf friends out for a little paddle just to show them the park and for me to get some more practice on guiding...
and take some photos.

A short visit to Split Apple Rock
and the Shags there.. and then another 6 hours on the water where we had a close encounter with some playful seals. the day offered overcast but barely no wind or swell so we where as you could put it best "cruizing", but still managed to make good headway of over 20 kilometers that day. Well done guys!! And thanks for a wickid time! Let do it again soon!

62210_62646_3.jpg        62210_63738_3.jpg        62210_65553_0.jpg

Peace Love and Kayaking to ya all!