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Kayaking d'Urville Island - Rangitoto Ki Te Tonga

To day is a pretty slow day. Don't have too much energy, even if I yesterday had more than enough.
Yesterday we got back after spending 4 days on and around d'Urville Island. It is the end of this modules last mission and treat for working hard for a month.
d'Urville Island (or Rangitoto Ki Te Tonga as its called in Maori) is named after Jules César Dumont d'Urville, commander of the Astrolabe, by its crew as a thank you for getting them safely through the pass during his second visit to New Zealand in 1829.
The island as it is the "gate way" between Tasman Bay and the Marlborough Sounds about 3 hours drive NE of Nelson. After paddeling around the island I can imagine there was some rough times getting through. Cook Straight, Frensh Pass and the rest of the Marlborough Sounds has some gnarly waters with a lot of tidal currents and is in places very exposed to the NW winds often freshening up the area. durvillesmall50.jpg

The weather was forecasted to be good for the first day and a half and then deteriorating and over the next few days bringing strong winds and torrential heavy rain falls.

We had to make the decision if we where gonna do the east or west side first, but as the east side is better sheltered from the N and NW winds, we made the call to do it clockwise.

So after being promised rain and wind and swell, we got.. a little bit of shoppy seas passing around the north point, called Cape Stephens. The Tasman Bay and Cook Straight meeting in between the Cape and Stephens Island creating choppy seas and with winds from different directions makes it often pretty hard to round the point.
AVT-groups has not made it around the island the last couple of years due to to harsh weather. BUT, we did!
So a victory thanks to good weather and a pretty good group.

Little old Rosa, that gets us places!


The trip offered fishing for the keen

beautiful sunsets and sunrices for those keen and fires...

dead whales on the beach

amazing sea caves that you could paddle into

stunning scenery

nice sunny long lunches on the beach

sleeping on hard ground in tents or under dodgy flies
IMG_1312.jpg IMG_1327.jpg

and some long days in the kayaks

And to me, some very good photo opportunitys!! And being photografed...
Open fired BBQ'd banana is the shit!

All this together with some great people.


To me, this is one of the best kayaking trips I've experienced!

A bit sore muscles and a little bit tired to day, but very hppy after a months kayaking.

Peace and Love
Mon 7. Mar 11 21:06