on the road properly again! 
print Magnus Hörberg, Thu 1. Apr 10 09:07

So here it goes again!

Been on the road for the last few weeks and have had time to hang out with some great old friends and meet quite a few new ones!

So I left my life in Nelson about a month agoe and have had a great time on the road with a lot of time for my self to deal with some parts of my life that has been a little bit hard lately. I have had time to hang out with some friends to and have had an awesome time and seen some great places. The latest experience now was I signed in for a 10 day course of silent meditation. This was something I didn't know too much about and I think that was a good thing. If I'd known, I probebly wouldn't have gone through with it. It was a very hard time where you werent allowed to communicate in any way wiht fellow students for 9 days. In case you ran in to problems or had questions the teacher was there for you. But otherwise you where to live a monk life for 9 days.
I turned out to be a hard thing physically and mentally, but looking back at it after a couple of days I'm really happy I did it and I got so much out of it. I feel a lot lighter mentally and have found a new spark for life! Great aye!

So here I'm sitting a more harmonious person with new passion for life!

Great adventures are to come for me and everyone els aswell! Just keep your eyes and mind open!!

Keep doing the right and great things in your lifes!

Lots of love from your friend