Back again! 
print Magnus Hörberg, Thu 1. Apr 10 09:07

Hi all!

So a while ago again!
But I haven't forgoten about you all!

So since last I have had a few things on my mind and also a few adventures.

About a week ago I go back from a flash visit to Sweden. It was great! I didn't get more than 12 days in Sweden but in that time I got the chance to meet some of my lovely friends and my family.
I got to see my fast growing little nephew Jonathan, who's not so little anymore and he walks and talks!! Tiem flyes when your having fun!

So my friends in Stockholm got to take care of me for a few days and I got to do a few things i wanned to do too. It was great.
I got to see Linda, Sofie and Jana whom I havent seen for a while and got to catch up with Johan an Bea and talk some shit.

Down to Växjö, via Borås where Madde picked me up and we drove together down, and spend three days with my lovely friends there, drink some whiskey. see some potential houses and house sites and talk more shit. Great times!

Further south to my Mum and Dad, and my brother with family. Great to see them and give them many hugs. We got to have a few good talks and to eat Mammas food again! Yammy!

A short detoure to Öland to visit Pedro and my old friends at Strand Hotell. Pedro didn't recognice me at fiArst bu a few beers and a few shots later it was like good old times. Even the day after waslike good old hung-over times where Magnus couldn't do much until the afternoon.... hmmmm! Well it had to be done!

Back to Mum and Dad to prepare for Dads birthday. Great times in the kitchen with Mum and Dad and the following day over to Höö to celebrate the day. We got some unexpected visitors and it was great to catch up with a big part of my family. Some I haven't seen in many years...

On the Saturday afternoon it was time to get going again and I got on the train to Stockholm. I flew out on Sunday morning and had about 26 hours traveling to loock forward to. uuh!

Well with a few minor problems, like almost not beeing able to bring my lovely snowboards due to CHANGED LUGGAGE LEVELS, I acctuallu got it all with me back to NZ and only with a few nerves broken and a BIT raised heart rate... hmmm. It's alll just to make it real!!! Oh, by the way. I even got my finger prints taken passing through the USA, I guess i was a great risk with my 2 hours in transferre!!!!! Good old Georgie!!!

So now I'm back in business in Nelson, NZ again and school's acctually not to bad. But I'm looking forwasd to next month with some hiking and hopefully some snowboarding!

So just a short story for ya all to NJOY!

Got some pics comming aswell so keep looking for them!

Big thanx to ya for reading this and thanx to all the winderful people in my life!
I'll b seeing you all at some point when you least expect it!! So watch out!

Your truly!