it's been a while... but I'm still alive and kicking!! 
print Magnus Hörberg, Thu 1. Apr 10 09:07

Alright, I know it’s a long time since I wrote. But here I am again.

The time has flown passed and it’s now five months since I left Sweden. I have had a journey, a great one to say the least. I set out not really knowing what, where, when or how but have now managed to find me some of those places.
For those who don’t know I’ve gotten stuck in Nelson, south island of New Zealand and I am right now studying an Adventure Tourism Course. I have just completed the second block of it and have had a wet time for two months paddling river kayaks on the Buller River in Murchison the first month and sea kayaking in the Able Tasman, Marlborough Sounds and other amazing places. On Monday I start with my rock climbing module and gonna have a four weeks of that with a bit of Easter holidays in the middle of it. I can say now after the two water modules, both which I haven’t done any of before, have been a great learning period and an awesome journey in a scenic, mental and physical way. I’ve learned so much new in the outdoors recreational area when it comes to things I can do myself and how to deal with people in the same. My class is another thing tough. There is a great interest from Sweden for this course, and not just from me. There a rein the first year about twenty five students and out of them there are eleven Swedes. Luck I’m no on my avoiding Swedes mission here anymore. It would have been a bit hard. Not for any reason that any of them should be avoided, they are all good people on a mission here and I get along well with them and sometimes it’s really good to have some Swedes to talk to and get to speak some native tongue as well. But sometimes it’s nice to be the only Viking in the house…
So I’m looking forward to the rock climbing and after that we are gonna have a couple of theory blocks covering Risk Management and Health and Safety and after that the winter should be here and I’m hoping to get to do some snowboarding and if thing go as the should I’m gonna be on my Hike module at that time and will be walking around half the south island, in or out of snow.. gonna be an awesome experience!

So right now I’m sitting in my bed, it’s early on a Saturday morning and I’m going down town soon to the markets to get some food for the week. I and Jesse have managed to find a nice small house in the outskirts of Nelson town and have a little garden and a nice sounding creek behind the house. It might not be the best place to be for the winter course of poor NZ building traditions!!?? and that it’s a bit closed in by hills so the sun disappears early in the evening. But the place has been good for a few months and we might stay.

Summer has been short here, it’s still cranking but I can feel the temperature has dropped in the mornings and it’s soon to bee a colorful autumn with all the introduced trees loosing their leaves as I’m used to. Other form that the NZ nature is incredible and stays “evergreen” it’s beautiful!

There’s so much I have to tell you all and all the thing I have experienced on my trips with school and in time I will tell you all the stories if you are interested, on the web on in person, but for now this is enough so that I don’t bore you to insanity!

All of you how has bared with me for a few months of writhing drought (skrivkramp) I hope I have your attention again and I hope that you’ll continue to check in from time to time.

For those who would like to contact me in NZ, my mobile no is: +64 21 25 90~817 and email or or present postal address is:
F1/326 Brook Street
7010 Nelson
New Zealand

Hope you are all good and that I get to see some in the mists sometime soon. Here or there!!

Until next time, B Great!

Yours Truly


By the way, for those who are a bit interested about the course I’m taking, check out: