Thu 17. Mar 11 

Over the last few days there has been a totally different mission in life as well.
NMIT is about to close down the course I¨m doing.
Not that it will affect, I can still finish my course and so can the guys in the year below me. But its gonna affedt the status of the course and the way the industry looks at it and my Diploma, not to mention all the people that will loose their jobs.
This is the best outdoor course in NZ and well recogniced all over the world and it would be a great loss for Nelson as the adventure Mecca it is, to loose the localy trained guides.

We have created a Facebook groupe to help spread the word about the cause. NMIT was gonna can the whole course during our winter holidays without giving people a chance to react. But this will not happen!

RIMG0038.jpgSo right now a lot of my time goes to getting in touch with old and current students from the AVT course as well as industry people and everyone interested in saving one of the best outdoor educations in the countrey.
Got called up bt the Nelson Mail this mornign for an interview and hope to get somemore time with them later in the week.

So now, everyone who reads this, and hasn't already joined the FB group. Please do so!

And please post some comments on the wall as well!

It will help our cause.


Quick changes in life - Oh, how I love them!
Mon 7. Mar 11 

When I left Nelson about over a week ago I didn't really wanna leave. Some people I've been hanging out with and a place I didn't really wanna leave. Though day in life in many ways.But there was a need for change or getting stuck!
And now after a week here in the Arthur's Pass area I'm very glad I did leave. Nelson is a great place to live, but it's good to leave every now and then as well.
We had a wikid time up the mountain the first few days and I definantly had the best days snowboarding I've experienced in NZ. Thanks for that powder!

RIMG0007.jpgA friend came for a visit on Tuesday and got to see the same beautiful power. Poor visability in the morning due to heavy snow fall.. but clearing up in time after lunch and we had a good 3 hours riding fresch lines every time.
Great fun!

On thursday it was time for my first experience with the "invention" rope-tow and nut-cracker. There inventions from the stoneage is still in frequent use here in NZ. These guys have come so far in other areas, but not here. For those of you who have not yet experienced these nut-crackers, keep them well away from you! They are deadly!
The idea is to, with a nut-cracker, grab a hold of a rope speeding away up the mountain and hold on for dear life. "Easy" on skis, NOT so easy on a snowboard.
And the rope runs on "pullys" to be in place up the mountain. These pullys are metal posts and hard. I learned that the hard way! Raming my leg into one of them as I tried to put the rope back on to it. AOUCH!
So no riding for me las Friday. But a few days rest and now its up and run again.

Though bad weather today. Rain and 120km/h winds up the mountain so no fun being up there..
But I'l head to Flock Hill where we're staying anyway to meet up the others.
And hopefully good weather tomorrow.

Dear Universe, Thank you!

Mon 7. Mar 11 

Have never been this lost without feeling OK with it. Its a familiar feeling to me, being lost. Have felt it my whole life and been OK with it. But not today, and not the last week. Feeling anxiaty about leaving this place and these people. It feels very definitive this time.

Hmmm, maybe I'm getting old and fear loosing out or not being able to make it.
I'm sitting on the floor of an half empty room. The half that is empty is mine and the half that is here isn't.. So it'll stay. (getting old seems to be a reflection I'm making often these days.. maybe I'm finally starting to feel it).

I was going to leave for Porters today, and then tonight.. and then tomorrow. Hopefully it'll happen then. Or I might end up not going at all...
Were did my strength go?

Lost and powerless.. not a good combination!

Well emotions I guess you can call it. Emotions for people that you'd like to have around you most of the time and that you won't have.

Emotions are good and I specially, need to feel them fully. Or we all do! But some people are OK with feeling them just a little. Not me. Bring 'em on! Full power and ALL of them at the same time. The harder the better! But this time I wasn't as strong standing. I fell!

Falling is good though. You learn to pick yourself up. Or not. Still to find that one out this time.

Now its time for some dinner with my Kiwi family.

And then in the morning, OFF for new adventures again.

Peace Love and Strenth to You all.. and if you have some over, maybe send some my way!?

And BTW, Felicia, THX for the t-shirt! It IS strenght at the moment!Photo 29.jpg

Life Happens! All the time!
Mon 7. Mar 11 

IMG_2278.jpgSo about 2 weeks ago I finished my kayaking for the course.. or rather I should have.. But since I am a slack-arse I have a few more things to do with my rolls. But that's all good, I'll do it later in the year when the water is a bit water again.

All in good time!

So I've enjoyed the last 2 weeks with a "study break", that's what its called when your as old as Me and still studying.

The idea was to work as much as possible and get some money for the winter and not put myself in too much more debt. And sure, without too much effort (normally my way of doing it) I landed a few days work.

A bit of gardening, shoveling gravel and cutting down shrubb... and some festival work.

Nelson Scollop and Seafood Festival, a blessing and celebration of the start of the Hoki and Scollop fishing season. All good fun and a bit of hard work.



But I also had time for a roadtrip with a mission to climb. Four days spent in Charleston area with some decent trad-climbing.

An introduction for Jessica and a good refrecher for me. The weather was perfect and the waves wasn't washing us off the rocks too much.


Pancake Breaky and Pancake Rocks was also a flavour on the trip..

Well back in Kaiteriteri now, after a good week and a bit good to feel the calm vibes of my home
and washing that travel dust off. Good to be on the road, but sometimes the calmness and settledness of home is veeery welcome.

I've got about 3 or 4 days now before I have to be packed up and start heading down to Porter Heights in Christchurch area. Its time for winter and snowboarding. Looking forward to it big-time, but some form of seperation anxiety does exist. From place and people!
Guess I'm getting too old for this shit! sometimes... :-) Well I'm put myself up to it, so guess I better do as the Kiwi's usually say, and " harden up mate!"
Haha, I'll harden up! But I'll stay soft in some ways you Kiwi's never will understand... EMOTIONALLY! Live Hard! Love Strong & Die Richer... IMG_22191.jpg

A dear friend ones told me that "Kiwi man has the emotional maturity of a brick!" haha, that is very true for Kiwi woman too.. as well as for some other nationalities!

I think I'll stay emotionally "weak", and actually live and experience all aspects of Life...
        hmmm, Nä jag e inte bitter jag!! ;-)

Life IS beautiful! Its just hard to see it all that clear sometimes!

Peace Love Respect and Good Times to us all!

Rocking My World
Mon 7. Mar 11 

Today and yeaterday mission has been to get my van ready for a life on the road.. and not just the van's live on the road, but mine to. In a day or two I'll head down to Porter Heights for a coulle of months. And it is only for a couple of months but still it feels like it is for quite some time. It feels ike a big change in life.. almost like a big shift. Don't really know why, but it might be something in the water..

Hmmm, life's funny aint it?!
As I sat here writing and heard fot steps upstairs. Nobody's supposed to be home. I walked up and saw a friendly face, Nadia. That woman has some beautiful energy. She just made my day! Thx darling!

RIMG0078.jpgWell so the van is coming together and I am starting to be happy with the new looks of it. New bed, speakers in the back and the kitchen box is starting to look good too.
I'm happy with the direction its going.

I had some ideas to head down to Porters soon, but as the family here is coming back tomorrow and Nadia is coming back for a visit soon.. I'll stay another few days. Snow and good times is longed for, but family, people and enenrgy is more imoprtant! I need that right now!

As I said there feels to be a bit of a shift in life at the moment. Things I need to understand and things I have understood. Maybe doesn't sound like much to others but there is a ssignificant change in life.

The time I'll spend in the mountains is long wanted and I hope to get to do some decent snowboarding. But mostly this course and year is personal development for me. I feel I have already learned much, and its only halfway through the year. SHIT, halfway through the year. THAT is unbelievable. Time does really fly!

So I'm leaving the security and comforts of home to live in backpackers and in my van for the next wee while. Sounds like an interesting times! Though I have to say I've gotten used to having my own kitchen and my own place to take care off.. maybe even I am getting older and need some structure in my life from time to time!! Haha, laugh all you want guys..

Yeaterday it was also time for the big clean-up. Not of my home.. No I still have that one to do. Off Me..
Feels pretty good actually.. ;-)
Here's the proof :-D
Guess I don't have to point out before and after photo!! (If you do, Pls let me know!!)

Hmmm, deep sigh. That break and coffee did me well.. But now its time to get back to the van and build some more.

Peace all you Lovers and Beautiful people out there in the Universe

Mon 7. Mar 11 

Sea kayaking assessment done! ...DONE! DONE YOU HEAR! WoooHoooooo :-D
Been an interesting two and a half months with kayaking. First Sea2 with kayaksurfing and missions in Abel Tasman N.P and d'Urville Island. Great times! But Hard!
And then a couple of weeks in the classroom befor we set up a small company to take clients in Abel Tasman N.P again.
I've had a good four days of guiding a few days of observation trips and some SDL (Self Directed Learning) days... and then assessment.
Its been hard and the paperwork is rather big as well. But I pulled it off!
Feels like a come-back after a few injuries and tough times making it difficult!

So assessment was a GOOD day! And I was nackerd when I got home.. even went to bed early.. fell asleep to a film and woke up now at 5.34 am... Guess I needed a bit o sleep! But "uppe med tuppen"

Today is clean-up day and then there is a rumour about a party tonight.. might just have to go and have ONE beer!! ...or maybe two..

I've got 3 weeks winter holiday... what am I gonna do?? Earn some money and get economy back on track.. Yes!

Then good folks, its time for about two months in the snow for me.. Porter Heights watch out and be warned!! :-D


Peace n Love

Midsommar Kayaking & Assessments...
Mon 7. Mar 11 

Tomorrow its assessment time. I get to see if my trip plan that I have worked hard on for the last few weeks will messure up to the expectations, and if I will follow through. :-) Its been an interesting four weeks of kayaking that is coming to an end the next two days and pressure is on ME tomorrow. I'm last one out to get assessed and I donno how I feel about that.. But nothing to do more than, Give 'em Hell!!

So I guess I should be sleeping allready! Gotta get up in 6 hours and get to it.. but life is too much fun to sleep it all away! So I think I'll stay up a bit longer!! :-) (With the famous words; "My Life Is Better Than Your Vacation!", echoing in my head.)

Last weekend I had some company here. A fellow Swede and a great new aquaintance from Germany. Us northern European's are slowly but firmly taking over this part of the world. Guess its different from the old viking ways, a bit more infiltration today.. but I'm confident its gonna work just as good!

62910_112120_0.jpgSoo, anyways. Last weekend it was Midsommar in Sweden. So, it was Midsommar here to then.. and with another Swede in the house it called for some Aquavit. Bring on the Snaps!
A bit of good food, flowers in our hair and a few beers, a fire and the better part of a bottle of Snaps. Good fun and amazing times.

Guess the only thing that was missing was the "små grodorna" dance around that big leaf and flower dressed pole representing a penis, that we enjoy ourselfs around.

But good old times and thanks to great company it was an amazing evening.

Next day it was time for kayaking. The aim was to get out there at 8 am.. it was more like 9.30 am when we rocked up on-sight. Guess that fire was just too amazing to leave and get to bed in time for an early start.. and maybe that bottle of Aquavit could have had something to do with it as well.

IMG_2019.jpgBut we finally got out there at least and it was an amazing day. I've spent many beautiful days in Abel Tasman N.P.. but this was definantly one of the best and finest.

Clear skies and flat calm waters together with playfull seals showing off for us and a nice coffee 62910_114004_1.jpgbreak in Akersten Bay.

So thank you Jessica and Denise for making my day a beautiful and amazing one! Peace & Love to you!

So now I should really go to sleep and get some of that famous "beauty sleep". Not that its gonna help me much.. but my head might at least not be so "mushy" in the morning for my assessment. Toby's gonna have both his eyes on how I perform.
Gonna be great fun! And if I do well I might even deserve a beer tomorrow night!

Peace & Love and some sleep..

Life's beautiful!
Mon 7. Mar 11 

Today was a great day.. Or most days are great days.. so today was marvelous day!
Woke up early to get ready for another day's kayaking.. half an hour befor I was to go I got a txt from my tutor saying its canceled today.. Too rough conditions out there and the clients had backed out. So a jumo and yell of joy, make some toast and tea and get back in bed watchin a movie..

Then it was off to Nelson for what it looked like only a couple of hours.. there couple of hours turned out to be a few hours and was spent wisely.. with about 5 minutes in the library getting some maps for the asignments.. and the rest in good company.
A short visit to get my new flash and very warm sleeping bag at R&R and then off to Sprig n Fern for a beer..
A beer vith a very dear friend later, it was sushi time.. hmmm, spoiling myself today!
This sushi has got to be the firts reall good and tasty restaurant food I have ever had here in New Zealand. It was amazing and hte atmosphere was great.. and the company the best!

So a day off school turmed out to be just what I needed. Its 21.44 now and I'm supposed to go to sleep for a few hour to wake up at 02.00 to watch the World Cup fotball game.. NZ is playing.. The All Whites! Guess I have to pull my weight and participate...
A long day thats gonna be even longer..

Thanks all beautiful people today for making my day!

Peace n Love

Modified quote..
Mon 7. Mar 11 

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of the Sun. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of the Sun that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”IMG_6213-2.jpg

Kayak kayak n kayak
Mon 7. Mar 11 

The last two weeks I have seen and known kayaking, kayaking and a bit of kayaking... but don't get me wrong! I love it! Its great big fun. But I have again realiced that sitting in a plastic fun.toy on the water can take a bit out of you as well.
The sun, wind, water, physical exerciese and clients takes its toll!
But yet again I wanna asure you all that I'm not complaining in any was! I LOVE IT!!
So today was a forts day of solo guiding. I thought I had most things pretty well prepared, and I did, but as we all know things can change and especially the weather.. and thats the great big fun challange. So bring it on world.62110_102703_1.jpg
I guess I did do pretty well today even if I felt a bit "tappad bakom en vagn" (exause me non-Swedish speakers!!) at some stages. But with some sood big smiles on the faces of the clients back at base and soem good feedback from them and good constructive feedback from supervising tutor, I felt pretty happy with the day anyway. They were happy with seeing the seals! And Yes, the seals ARE cool... check this little guy out!!

So in a week its assessment trip and,

62210_64632_9.jpgLast weekend I also had the chance to take a couple pf friends out for a little paddle just to show them the park and for me to get some more practice on guiding...
and take some photos.

A short visit to Split Apple Rock
and the Shags there.. and then another 6 hours on the water where we had a close encounter with some playful seals. the day offered overcast but barely no wind or swell so we where as you could put it best "cruizing", but still managed to make good headway of over 20 kilometers that day. Well done guys!! And thanks for a wickid time! Let do it again soon!

62210_62646_3.jpg        62210_63738_3.jpg        62210_65553_0.jpg

Peace Love and Kayaking to ya all!